Best Betting Sites Australia

Are you looking for the best betting sites in Australia? Do you want the best odds and bookmakers our country has to offer? In that case, you’re in the right place since we’ve collected all the best Australian betting pages in this country. Please read our reviews and get started with your betting today. Please choose one of the operators below that we have carefully selected to ensure you get the most out of your gambling experience.

Betting Sites in Australia

Australia offers some of the best and biggest betting sites in the world. By choosing one of our listed operators, you’re guaranteed a fantastic experience with the best promotions, odds, and various markets on the games. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best cricket odds, horse racing markets, or footy games. We got it all covered. 

We are constantly looking out for the best betting agencies to guarantee to compare all the best selections. All our operators are fully licensed in Australia, making it a safe experience for all Aussie citizens. There is a ton to experience when it comes to betting sites. To make sure you choose the right one, select one of the betting pages listed on this page. 

New betting sites in Australia

New Australian betting sites are launched frequently, and we make sure to analyze them the second they are established. If they meet all our requirements, we list them here to ensure you always have an up-to-date selection of gambling operators. New betting sites have their perks. They usually have a USP that makes them unique. It can be a new feature, higher cash-out, or better odds. Only the best new bookmakers in Australia get a spot on this page.

Bonus offers and sports betting bonuses Australia 

Unfortutenaly it’s no longer possible to receive a betting bonus in Australia. Not since the legislation made it forbidden for the operators to give you bonuses. Before, Australian players could receive tons of perks, including no deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, and many more. But today it’s forbidden with any bonus offers. 

However, there are some things that the bookmakers can still do to make the experience a little better. For example, they raise the odds on some games and do other items comparable to a bonus. But odds bonuses, as we know them, are not available on even the best betting sites in Australia. 

Popular sports in Australia for betting

There are lots of sports to discover at betting sites in Australia. Our country has a massive culture around sports, which is also noticeable in the betting sites. You will find outstanding odds and excellent conditions for betting on many popular sports. It can be anything from swimming to Aussie football and cricket. Regardless, you have ideal conditions to get an excellent gaming experience.

Swimming odds at betting sites

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Australia. Almost all Australian residents enjoy swimming as a hobby, and over 3.2 million are regularly involved. When it’s the World Cup or the national championships in swimming, there are usually outstanding odds available. Even better is during the Olympic Games, held every four years. Then you will find exceptional opportunities for odds on swimming.

Tennis is a worldwide sport

Australia likes tennis a lot and there are not many sports that are as popular when it comes to odds and betting. Every year the Australian Open is held in Melbourne and then there are usually a lot of odds and markets available.

But even during the other Grand Slam tournaments, you can enjoy excellent odds and many markets in the different markets. Tennis is a sport that is ideally suited for betting and gives you a lot of excitement in your betting.

Cricket at best betting sites Australia

Cricket is considered by many to be the most popular sport in Australia. There is an incredible amount to discover for you in your betting on cricket. That also applies to female cricket, which is growing so fast. Today you can bet on the Women’s Big Bash League, the Women’s Cricket World Cup and the Women’s National Cricket League.

Cricket is available in the traditional version but also in Twenty20, which is a more action-packed and faster version of the popular sport. Every summer, millions of Australians flock to the arenas to watch cricket. You will find lots of odds on cricket at various bookmakers in Australia.

AFL odds at Australian betting pages

If you like footy, you have many odds to take advantage of at bookmakers in Australia. There are many odds on all the matches you can bet on. Friday night is a sacred date for footy betting, but there are odds on all games to discover. The interest is usually even more significant when it’s time for the AFL Grand Final, just like during the playoffs. Discover all the odds available on your favorite team or other teams in the series. There is a world of odds within the AFL at betting sites in Australia.

NRL betting at bookmakers

The National Rugby League, or Telstra Premiership as it is called today, is the largest and highest-ranked rugby league on earth. In 1988, ARL and the Super League merged to create a super league available throughout Australia. Find the best odds today and get started with your NRL betting.

But within rugby, there is much more to discover if you want it. When The Wallabies go to a tournament, you will find excellent odds. The national games are usually of great interest and the betting sites monitor these sites to a very high degree.


In e-sports, there are lots of exciting things to discover. Electronic sport has made incredible progress in recent years. That is evident in the betting sites, which bring in more e-sports and markets. Today they cover all the major tournaments in CS: GO, LoL, WoW, Fortnite, and many more. Thus, you have excellent conditions to find really good odds on e-sports in all situations.

E-sports has meant an enormous development in recent years. Thus, we have also seen a market increase in terms of needs and odds on e-sports. There are many indications that this will continue for a long time to come.

American sports can be an option

The United States has always fascinated us Australians. Although some people think that American sport is too commercialized, it is excellent for betting. Of course, you who bet live will find all the breaks for advertising difficult. But at the same time, this time can be used to analyze and predict what happens next.

There are several American sports to discover and different odds on these sports. Below we go through the most popular American leagues and sports.

MLB – Baseball

Baseball is not directly a sport that has gained a significant foothold in Australia. But in the United States, the Yankees are crazy about baseball and it is one of the most-watched sports in the giant country. All Australian betting operators offer this for those looking for baseball odds. You can bet before the season on how it will go for the different teams. But also on many other things like who makes the most home runs.

After a highly long primary season, the playoffs are decided. That’s when it starts to get interesting in terms of odds and betting. During the playoffs, you find the most options in terms of markets, and there is a lot to bet on that gives a great gaming experience. Discover Major League Baseball and everything that comes around.

NFL – American football

The Yankees like a lot of their “football”, which we in Australia call American football. The best league in the world is the NFL where the final every year is the Super Bowl. It is one of the world’s most-watched events worldwide, especially in the United States. Before the season, you can bet on how it will go in each division.

As in most American sports, it is during the playoffs that it becomes fascinating. Unlike basketball, ice hockey, and baseball, all playoff matches are decided in single meetings, which is excellent drama. But the interest is most significant during the Super Bowl, which usually has more than 500 markets available.

Place bets from your cellphone

We Australians are a little obsessed with using our mobile phones for the most part. Of course, this also applies when it comes to odds. Being limited to a computer does not feel so modern, and in this way, you will always have an experience with a mobile phone that is highly flexible. All betting sites we list have some form of mobile betting. Either it is via an app or a mobile browser.

When it comes to betting, it is crucial to be flexible. The starting eleven may have been presented in a match in soccer, and you want to bet because you think it could be a bang on the way. Then it is vital that you quickly place your bet to get the most out of the odds. The same applies to live betting via mobile. You want to be able to bet when the match is in progress, and if you are not at home and have your computer available, you still need to place your bets.

Summarize the best betting sites in Australia

There is a lot to take advantage of bookmakers in Australia. You will usually find excellent odds and good opportunities when placing your bets. It does not matter if you play live on an ongoing match or place your odds before the start of the game. At bookmakers in Australia, you will always find good odds.

Of course, there are no longer any betting bonuses. But at the same time, you have excellent opportunities to enjoy an experience that gives something extraordinary. There are high odds and many options because there is a lot to take advantage of at the best betting sites in Australia. Get started today and discover for yourself all the excitement that there is to partake. You will surely enjoy one of the betting sites we have listed here on this site.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I receive an odds bonus from a betting site in Australia?

    No, betting bonuses are not allowed at betting pages in Australia. However, there are high odds and other exciting things to discover at betting pages in Australia.

  • Is it legal to bet in Australia?

    Yes, nowadays, it is legal to bet in Australia. The betting pages in Australia need to have a national license to operate.

  • Can I play from my mobile?

    Yes, you can place odds from your mobile if you wish. Then you get more freedom in your betting because you can play just about anywhere and place your odds whenever you want.

  • Which sports are popular in Australia?

    There are many sports in Australia that are very popular. You can bet on cricket, footy, e-sports, soccer, tennis, swimming, rugby and many more. There are thus many options for you.

  • What is live betting?

    Live betting means betting where you bet on a match in full swing. Then you will get great odds in your betting and markets that are not available before the start of the game.

  • Can I watch live streams at the betting pages?

    Yes, many bookmakers in Australia offer live streaming. It is usually required that you have money in your gaming account or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours to be able to stream live.